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High-quality marine scrubbers

Exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) are also called marine scrubbers. These systems can be cleaned for preventing pollution. Open-loop marine scrubbers are, however, banned in a vast number of countries. Because hybrid and closed-loop marine scrubbers are om compliance with IMO-2020, these systems are becoming a lot more popular. In these systems, an alkali solution is applied. This neutralizes acidic SOx gases.

The advantages of the marine scrubbers from these experts

Sulfur dioxide SO2, which originates from burning heavy fuels, pollutes the environment. Therefore, marine vessels were confronted with strict legislation when the restrictions were set for SOx acids in Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). Ship owners have to adjust their fuel and use marine scrubbers to clean the gases from their vessels. Natural magnesium hydroxide MagTreat-S is a safe and efficient base for application in exhaust gas cleaners on ships. The advantages of these type of marine scrubbers are:

  • It ensures plenty of storage space onboard
  • It is safe for both the crew and the environment
  • It is the most cost-effective base
  • It is an ecological product with a low carbon footprint
  • It is available as a stabilized suspension

As you can see, the marine scrubbers from these experts have a lot of advantages. Not only are they safe for the crew, but these systems are also safe for the environment. Furthermore, it is a very cost-effective solution.

Contact these experts if you have any questions about their systems

The experts over at Europiren B.V. work directly with the manufacturer. Therefore, they are able to give stable prices for their customers all around the globe. Furthermore, these specialists offer you great availability and steadfast delivery times. Moreover, you can also count on technical support. The experts from their R&D department are eager to help. If you have any questions, make sure to contact them.